Telephone Entry System

What to Look for In a New Telephone Entry System

Buying a new telephone entry system can be easier than you might think. You will want to buy it from a specialized dealer or gate company that offers the most products so that you can find something exactly right for your building’s needs.

Keep in mind that when you are choosing a system for a home, it uses the same phone line already installed in the residence. You must purchase the commercial variety for your gated community or apartment building. These systems work only with a dedicated telephone line, even though they can call individual lines in each residence.

Options for these telephone entry system units include keyless card readers and transponders, speakers and visible phone number displays. These will make using them more convenient for residents.

A door entry unit usually has a keypad and a handset attached to it. Anyone who wishes to enter the premises as a guest would need to call the person that they intend to visit using the handset on the system. Newer models work off speakerphone systems. 

When shopping for a new system, you will need to buy one that can hold as many numbers as you need in its memory. A 30-unit building needs less memory on the entry system than a 100-unit building. 
Features to look for include call waiting, distinctive rings and call forwarding. This helps prevent a resident from missing an important visitor or a package delivery.  

Older systems may not have these features, so you may want to replace an old system with a new one rather than buy a newer version of what you have. Also, look for units that can work even in during power outages. If you need any help selecting a system, just ask your gate company or entry system dealer.